Unesený Inguš, únor 2012

Resident of Nazran Abducted in the Town of Mineralnye Vody

On February, 17th, 2012, between 6 and 7 p.m., presumably forces of the FSB (Federal Security Service) abducted Rustam Alikhanowich Aushev at the train station in Mineralnye Vody  town,  Stavropolsky region. Rustam Alikhanowich Aushev, born 1988, is a resident of Nazran city, capital of the Republic of Ingushetia.

At 12:50 p.m., he went by train from Nazran to Mineralnye Vody where he was to change trains to get to Brest, Republic of Belarus. According to his relatives, Rustam was supposed to go further on to his sister in Belgium. Aushev’s wife, Asya Albakova, told that at 5 p.m. her husband had arrived in Mineralnye Vody – they sent sms each other. After 6 p.m. Rustam ceased to text-message and to accept calls; after 7 p.m. his phone was switched off.

On February 19, Aushev’s relatives went to Mineralnye Vody in searching for Rustam. Records of the surveillance camera were presented to them by the security guards at the train station. These records show clearly a group of four people, dressed in civilian clothes, arresting Rustam. They tied his hands up and put him into a white microbus “GAZelle”. According to the security guards, a couple of other people had been sitting in the microbus. The latter had already arrived at the entrance of the train station before Aushev’s arrest. One of the men sitting in the microbus left the vehicle and  showed ID of FSB employee presenting himself as Larinov or as Varinov (the security guards were not able to discern it). Nevertheless, the “GAZelle” microbus was not admitted to the station grounds. To be let into the railway station, the local FSB division at duty had to be addressed to. Afterwards, unknown persons parked their car not far from the station.

The railway staff did not give out any material of the surveillance camera to the Aushevs. It was claimed that the material could be given only to the employees of law-enforcement agencies.

Rustam’s relatives turned to the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) of Nazran, to the railway police department  and to the regional FSB of Mineralnye Vody with a written statement.
On February 20, Asya Albakova applied to the republican Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ingushetia, to the republican Security Council as well as to human rights organizations. In her statement she claims that her husband has never been prosecuted and has never been brought up before court. Acquaintances and neighbors characterized him positively.
Up to now, the whereabouts of Rustam Aushev is located.

February 22nd , 2012