President Medvedev Receives Documents on Human Rights Violations in the North Caucasus from “Memorial”

On Tuesday, July 5, 2011, in Nal’chik (Kabardino-Balkaria) a meeting    of the Presidential Council on Civil Institutions and Human Rights    with President Dmitry Medvedev was held. During the meeting Svetlana    Gannushkina, a member of the Presidential Council, member of the    Council of the Human Rights Center “Memorial” and Chairman of the    “Civic Assistance” Committee, gave the President the “Recommendation    on a Range of Measures Aimed at Overcoming the Crisis in the North    Caucasus” (in English: ), as well as a    number of annexes: “Abductions and Forced Disappearances of    Residents of the North Caucasus” (in Russian:, “Examples of Mass Arrests    and Beatings of Muslims – Representatives of Fundamentalist Islamic    Communities in the North Caucasus in 2011” (in Russian:, “Beatings and Insults of    Lawyers in the Republic of Dagestan. Sabotage of Investigations of    Crimes Against Lawyers” (,    “Proposal of the NGO ‘Women of the Don’ on the Compliance of Women’s    Rights in the North Caucasus”    (, “If You Need a Court    Decision the Case will not Stand…” Dormitory Residents being    Forced into the Streets on the Basis of “Lawfully Made” Court    Judgments (

    President Medvedev was also presented a report on the first results    of an independent investigation into the murder of Natalya    Estemirova, the results of which will be presented to public on July    14.
    In addition, during her presentation Gannushkina reminded the    President of a letter written to him by non-governmental    organizations addressing uninvestigated abduction cases in the    Republic of Chechnya ( The    letter was presented at a press conference in Moscow on April 20 of    this year (material from the press conference:

    The text of the letter with the proposal was once more presented to    the President.

    Annex to the letter:
    Reference of the Committee Against Torture    (;
    Letter from the Head of the Investigation Department of the    Investigative Committee for the Republic of Chechnya V.A. Ledenyov    to Minister of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Chechnya R. Sh.    Alkhanov (;
    Reply from Prosecutor in the Republic of Chechnya on the Request of    the head of the Commission Against Torture I.A. Kalyapin    (

        July 8, 2011

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