5 years in prison for a Chechen who stung the bottom of an Albanian mafiosi!

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-By                   Jacqueline de Croÿ

Free translation                  

5 years in prison for a Chechen who stung    the bottom of an Albanian mafiosi!

Alikhan Dadaev is one of those political refugees from     Chechnya, admired for his phenomenal strength, his culture and    wisdom. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison for having stung    the bottom of an Albanian mafiosi, though the stinging exhibit   has disappeared from the file.

Alikhan was celebrating his 30th anniversary with a friend   on July 4, 2009, close to his home at the „Harry’s Place“ in     Ostend. The bar-owner is Drekai, a 32 years-old Albanian, who    was sentenced eight times to prison, including for rape. He    has never integrated, say the Chechens: he does not even speak    Flemish. We do.

Alikhan was chocked by a fight between Jamie, a young      Belgian woman, who was refusing Drakai to prostitute herself.   „Nobody will touch this woman if she does not want,“ said the    chivalrous Chechen. Furious, Drekai jumped with a knife.  Alikhan barred his heart with his arm, which was deeply cut,  but it spared him a deadly wound. The noise woke Khamzat, the      little brother Alikhan, who saw his wounded brother by his   bedroom window, called the police and rushed to rescue him. He       could hardly believe his ears when a policeman told an   Albanians not hesitate to call them „if the Chechens were     doing troubles.“

Alikhan was taken to the hospital to suture his arm.   Khamzat called the Chechen community to find a solution and    surround Alikhan, until his wound was healed. They asked Jamie   to file a complaint. She replied that it was more dangerous to    come into a police station than to keep silent, because the  police let the Albanian free of doing reprisals. The     prosecutor indeed refuted the need to request the enforcement     of the law for pandering and attempted murder.

Drekai has reopened his bar the next day as if nothing had    happened. Two days later, on June 6, he pretended to want to      make peace with Alikhan, but scarcely had he turned around the    corner, he shot him in the kidneys. Khamzat, just 18-years     old, saw him aim at the heart of his brother and projected     himself to serve as human shield. The second bullet scheduled      to reach the heart of Alikhan injured the leg Khamzat.

Five Albanians came out of „Harry’s Place“, all armed. The   Chechens have disarmed one of them with bare hands, before the   arrival of the police and ambulances. The police recorded the     Albanian weapon. They searched the Chechens, to see that none    were armed, but they refused to search the other Albanian, to      seize the weapons they had hidden in their jackets. The     prosecutor has requested the application of the law for the    attempted murders against Alikhan and Khamzat, but not for the    illegal carrying of weapons by the Albanian Mafia.

The burgomaster of Ostend has closed „Harry’s Place“ for      three months, so as to ensure that nobody would takes the     place of the Mafiosi during time of his detention. Drakai was     released in three weeks.

Since then, the Albanians do not miss an opportunity to     threaten the Chechens: „the next time you’ll have a shot in        the head, not in the leg,“ they say to Khamzat. They pretend     to shoot him each time they cross him in the street or          whenever they pass in front of their house. Police answers to    the Chechen complaints „to call if they have trouble“ but do       not answer when they are ask if they will have to wait until       one of them is killed.

The Albanians always start the fight in the same way: they    get out armed in front of the Chechens, who have to disarm      them with naked hands. It is thus extremely dangerous.  Normally, they are always bringing the weapons at the police,      but considering the danger and the refusal of justice to      intervene, Alikhan found no other solution than to keep one,     only for defensive purpose. He never bought a bullet, but kept    the ones in the gun, after he had disarmed the Albabian owner   with nacked hands.

What was bound to happen has happened on April 2, 2010.     Drekay, free despite his three attempts to murder, was sitting  in his car and showing a gun, threatening Alikhan, as he    passed by. Alikhan drew his own weapon and fired at the car   door, downward, not to touch any vital organ, then he went to     escape the bullets of Drekai.

Ironically, the judges found that the Albanian had three   arse holes, including the one which nature gave him. The  doctors have indeed extracted two bullets of his buttocks.    They would have found the impact of a third bullet that would      have touched the bottom, yet not penetrate it.

We discover with amazement that the third bullet has    disappeared from the file. Knowing the Belgian justice, this       presumes that the bullets extracted from the bottom of the       Albanian were not fired with the same weapon as the one that       stung his buttock. As there was just one impact on the door of     the car, the bullet missing from the file is likely the one     shot by Alikhan, hampered by the door, which has thus only    made a sting.

Unfortunately, the government chose to persecute the  Chechen to cause revolts. They hope to justify the                   construction of „special prisons for prisoners who are very      dangerous,“ with emergency legislation to break men of          exceptionally strong constitution. This explains how Alikhan,       a literate, hardworking person, without criminal record and      who speaks five languages, was sentenced to 7 years in prison         for „attempted murder“, while he is deemed to at the worse, to       have stung the buttocks of a Mafiosi who has tried to kill him                   twice.

Drakai has possibly had his own bottom shot to get rid of   the Chechen, who is prohibiting the forced prostitution of the        girls. He has still not been tried for his three attempted    murders, by stabbing and gunshot, targeting the kidney and       heart, not by stinging a buttock.

Alikhan was convicted for attempted murder and sentenced to      7 years in prison. The Court of Appeals acknowledged that a       Chechen soldier can not imagine killing anyone by shooting him   in the bottom. The judges reduced the sentence to 5 years in     prison for „aggravated assault“. They „justified“ the severity      of the sentence on the grounds that Alikhan would have acted     „according to Chechen traditions, without taking account of     the Belgian law.“

„We never heard anything so ridiculous,“ said Magomed, who       is 24 years old. „All these criminals would dead and buried     long ago if we had used our old laws. We are well aware that    we must integrate, but the conflict started because we can not      tolerate a woman being forced into prostitution. We gathered    money to restore the small mosque, but the money was stolen    and the mosque was closed. What can we do better than bringing      the police the guns? Why do they do that?“

The last hope to free Alikhan is Court of cassation, but       nothing is ever sure in Belgium. There is also a possibility     to re-open the case for a new element, which allows requesting     a ballistic investigation to determine if bullets extracted     from the bottom of the Albanian come from the weapon Alikhan.                  

In June 2010, Khamzat opened the door expecting to see the      postman, but he was stabbed twice, obviously by an Albanian.       The police said they could do nothing. The prosecutor did not         find useful to require the application of the law. There has        not even been an investigation.

In December, Drakai and his younger brother, came out,       armed with a knife and a baseball bat. Drakai stabbed Khamzat      in the back, then his cousin to the liver, while little   brother stabbed their best friend. The three young men were         taken to hospital, two in critical condition. The attempted      murders were filmed, but the Albanians were left free.

Now the Albanians have not only the right to kill the         Chechens, but the Interior Ministry gives them the police          assistance. Four days ago, as usual, they came out armed in         front of the Chechens, who must defend themselves with bare        hands.

The Interior Ministry has sent the canine unit, which by      the regulation, proves a premeditated action of the police.    They sent an un-muzzled dog to attack Magomed, rather than the        Albanian attackers. He had no other choice but to push his  fist into the mouth of the dog to avoid being bitten. The     police then jumped to beat him. They broke his two hands, his    nose and gave him a score of batons on the head. They have        then locked him ten hours in a cell without water or food,   with a radio set at maximum volume to increase the headaches       caused by batons.

- What can we do, asks Magomed. Nobody likes us. The     Russians do not want us. Nobody wants us. Where can we go?                  
- NO: we love you. We want you to     stay.